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Amended on August 27th 2020

Flip2Link is an online match dating app, where singles seek partners. Flip2Link operates through Flip2Link (‘Flip2Link” or “we”).

By accessing Flip2Link App – Android or iOS “App” will be registered through Flip2Link. Flip2Link App is available on Android and iOS. Flip2Link requires download from “Android” Google play and “iOS” from Apple iTunes or AppStore. By clinking or the registration button by entering the App you are entering an agreement between user and Flip2Link. By Accepting the Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that you have read and understood of this “Agreement”:

You should be in any event 18 years of age to enroll or utilize the Website/App. Access or utilization of the Website/App or its substance by any individual younger than 18 is carefully disallowed.

1.1 This Agreement is lawfully official and presents the terms administering your utilization of the Website/App and the Services. This Agreement might be changed by Flip2Link now and again. These changes will be viable once Flip2Link posts them on the Website/App without notice to you or acknowledgment by you

1.2This Understanding incorporates Flip2Link. Protection Strategy, membership arrangements and some other strategies, rules, guidelines or notification with respect to the Site/Application or the utilization of the Administrations as a result now and again, which are all joined into this Understanding by reference.

2.1 You may create and use your own personal password and enter your email address to register with Flip2Link. By registering with Flip2Link you represent that you are a single individual of at least 18 years of age, that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and that you intend to use the Website/App and the Services for no purpose other than the purposes for which they are intended.

We are qualified for hinder your admittance to the Site/Application on the off chance that you abuse the particulars of this Understanding, incorporating without constraint in case of any infringement of the arrangements in Areas 6, 7 or 8 of this Understanding.


3.1 You may get to the Site/Application and the Administrations complimentary. Nonetheless, certain Administrations offered by Flip2Link Systems are charge based. So as to utilize charge-based Administrations, you should turn into a paying supporter of these Administrations. You will be educated regarding the expense of these Administrations before being charged.

3.2 If your access is blocked for breach of this Agreement, any credit balance not used will be forfeited by you and no refund will be due to you.

3.3 On the off chance that you pick an installment strategy where you don’t need to effectively begin the installment yourself (for example check, cash move) , yet an installment technique like for example charge card installment, you approve and teach Flip2Link by giving Flip2Link with your installment data to charge your Mastercard represent the measure of the expense payable for the Administrations you requested, and to charge your record again preceding the lapse of the current term of the membership for these Administrations, except if and until you end the restoration of such expense based Administrations in utilizing the online abrogation measure, not under (14) fourteen days before the termination of your present membership term, demonstrating your complete name and username. In the event that you end Assistance, you will be liable for the expense of this Administration through the termination date of the current membership time frame. To the extent a C-Date iOS as well as Android Application is accessible see Area 4.3 and 5.3 concerning installment and end.

Objections to Fees Charged for Chargeable Services.

4.1 Any issues with sums charged or expenses charged must be brought and validated up recorded as a hard copy inside ten (10) days from the last to happen of the charge of the protested expenses or the receipt of the questioned receipt. Inability to mention the criticisms inside this ten-day time frame establishes your unequivocal endorsement of the individual charges and your waiver of any further option to protest these charges. Complaints will be routed to support@flip2link.com.

4.2 Interferences to any Administrations by and large don’t qualify you for article to charges for these Administrations. Minor interferences are interferences that last under two continuous days. Interferences of any Assistance for over two days just qualifies you for an expansion of admittance to that Administration for a timeframe equivalent to that of the interference, aside from if the interference goes on for over 10 days. For this situation you are just qualified for a discount of the supportive of appraised measure of the membership charge paid for this Administration for the timespan during which you have been not able to utilize this Administration, yet not for some other harms, expenses or costs you may have had because of this interference.

4.3 As far as a Flip2Link iOS App/Android App is available, payments for In-App purchases via this iOS App/Android App are exclusively processed via the Apple iTunes App Store/Google Play Store according to the Apple iTunes App Store/Google Play Store rules. Payments are charged via the Customers iTunes Account/Google Account. For In-App purchases via the iOS App/Android App Section 4. (1) till (6) is not applicable. For any objections concerning the payments Apple iTunes App Store/Google Play Store has to be exclusively addressed.

Term and Termination

5.1 This Understanding will stay in full power and impact while you utilize the Site/Application or potentially the Administrations. This Understanding will possibly end if it is possible that you or we end your enrollment according to the arrangements of this Segment 5.

5.2 You may end your non-expense based enrollment whenever, in any capacity whatsoever by basically logging off when the connection “Deactivate profile” under “Settings” is followed on the Flip2Link site/in the particular Flip2Link Application. The uninstalling of the Application doesn’t erase the profile. The client profile and related information are erased when logging off. Ending the non-charge-based enrollment will not influence the expense-based participation.

5.3 You may end your charge based enrollment bought through the site, which you went into by giving a base notification at any time before the finish of a paid membership period, or – gave another notification period was indicated after buying the expense based membership – inside that predetermined period. Should we get your notification of end under fourteen (14) days preceding the lapse of the current membership time of any Help you have bought, we will be qualified for charge you for the resulting membership period. From that point, this Administration will consequently lapse with no activity on your or our part. On the off chance that you end your enrollment, you won’t be qualified for any discounts, repayment or repayment of any expenses or costs. Ending the expense based authoritative relationship is just powerful when communicated expressly recorded as a hard copy. Recorded as a hard copy will mean utilizing the “online scratch-off cycle” on the Flip2Link Website/App. To help clear task and to ensure against abuse, you should consistently determine at any rate your complete name, the nation whose Flip2Link administration you are utilizing, your email address enrolled with Flip2Link what’s more, your username (or on the other hand, the contact ID relegated to you) in a decipherable way (Square CAPITALS) as a flat out need when composing the notification of end. Ending the expense-based participation will not influence the non-charge-based enrollment. To the extent a Flip2Link iOS Application/Android Application is accessible, end of the expense based legally binding relationship bought through an In-Application Buy in this iOS Application/Android Application must be practiced only towards the Apple iTunes Application Store/Google Play Store as per the Apple iTunes Application Store/Google Play Store rules.

5.4 Flip2Link may end your enrollment in any way, shape or form, viable on sending notice to you at the email address you give in your application to participation or another email notice address that Flip2Link gotten from you by any of the methods for interchanges set out in Segment 5.1 above. In the event that Flip2Link ends your enrollment for cause because of an infringement of the terms of Segments 6, 7 or 8 of this Understanding, you won’t be qualified for any discount of unused membership expenses. In every other case, you will be qualified for a discount of the supportive of appraised measure of the membership charge paid for this Administration from the date of end through the lapse date of the current membership time frame, yet not for some other harms, expenses or costs you may have had because of this end.

5.5 The following provisions of this Agreement shall survive the termination of this Agreement for any reason: Sections 7,10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 19.

Unauthorized Use.

6.1 The Website/App and the Services are only for the personal use of individuals, for purposes consistent with the Website/App, the Services and this Agreement. Organizations, companies, businesses and other legal entities (including non-profit organizations) may not become members and may not use the Service or the Website/App for any purpose.

6.2 You may not utilize the Site/Application or any of the Administrations for any movement other than to look for an easygoing accomplice for you by and by. Without constraint, you may not utilize the Site/Application or any of the Administrations regarding any business, limited time, political or bunch exercises or for any business or non-business research, or take part in promoting to, or requesting of, different clients to purchase or sell any items or benefits, or communicate any networking letters, garbage email or “spam” to different clients of the Site/Application or the Administrations. So as to shield our clients from promoting or sales, Flip2Link maintains whatever authority is needed to confine the quantity of messages that you may send to different clients in any 24-hour time span to a number which Flip2Link considers suitable in its sole and supreme watchfulness.

6.3 Gathering individual data or information, including email locations of individuals, or other data that is accessible to you on the Site/Application or through the Administrations, by electronic or different methods, is carefully denied. Surrounding of or connecting to the Site/Application to some other site/Application without composed consent from Flip2Link is disallowed. You may not exchange any Administrations or any information or other data accessible to you on the Site/Application or through the Administrations.

6.4 You may exclude any phone numbers, road addresses, last names, URLs or email addresses in your profile for only paid membership users.

6.5 You may not make more than one profile on the Site/Application.

6.6 You and different clients are exclusively answerable for agreeing to government, state, neighborhood and unfamiliar laws and guidelines pertinent to them. Flip2Link isn’t at risk for any infringement of pertinent laws or guidelines by any clients of the Site/Application.

6.7 You speak to and warrant that are not situated in, heavily influenced by, or a public or occupant of any nation which the US has (I) restricted products, (ii) distinguished as an “Exceptionally Assigned Public”, or (iii) put on the Trade Division’s Table of Deny Requests. Participation in, and utilization of, the Administration is void where precluded.

Proprietary Rights of Flip2Link.

7.1 All rights to programs, administrations, measures, programming, advancements, brand names, administration marks, business trademarks, copyrightable material, innovations, and all materials relating to Flip2Link (the “Restrictive Rights”) are only possessed by, or authorized to, Flip2Link. Your utilization of the Site/Application or any Assistance doesn’t make a permit to, and you are not qualified for, use for any reason any brand names, administration marks, trademarks, or copyrightable materials.

7.2 Utilization of any projects, administrations, measures, programming, advancements, innovations, and any materials relating to Flip2Link is allowed uniquely for the reason allowed according to Segment 6 above, and all generosity made because of your utilization of these rights acclimates to the sole advantage of Flip2Link. Duplicating any projects, administrations, measures, programming, advances, brand names, administration marks, trademarks, copyrightable material, creations, and all materials secured by Restrictive Rights for any reason at all is precluded.

Content Posted on the Site.

8.1 You and different clients are exclusively answerable for any materials (counting profiles or photographs) and messages (by and large, “Content”) that you or they distribute or show (hereinafter, “post”) on the Site/Application or in any case communicate to different clients.

8.2 By presenting Content on any open region of the Site/Application, you speak to all clients of the Site/Append Flip2Link that the data in the Substance is valid and right as far as you could possibly know and you consequently award, speak to and warrant that you reserve the privilege to concede, to Flip2Link an unalterable, interminable, non-restrictive, completely paid, overall permit to utilize, duplicate, perform, show, circulate and sell such data and Content and to get ready subsidiary works of, or consolidate into different works, such data and content, and to concede and approve sublicenses of the previous.

8.3 We save the right, yet have no commitment, to screen postings of clients on the Site/Application or correspondences among clients of the Site/Application just as any questions that may emerge among you and different clients of the Site/Application. You comprehend and concur that Flip2Link may survey and eliminate any Substance under any circumstances, remembering Content that for the sole and supreme judgment of Flip2Link disregards this Understanding or may be hostile, abusive, derogatory or unlawful or disregard the privileges of, hurt, or undermine the wellbeing of any clients of the Site/Application.

8.4 Coming up next is an incomplete rundown of the kinds of Substance that is denied on the Site/Application. Flip2Link claims all authority to examine and make fitting move in its sole watchfulness (counting informing lawful specialists) against any individual who abuses this arrangement, including without impediment, eliminating the culpable correspondence from the Site/Application and Administration and ending the participation of such violators. It incorporates Content that:

(a) might be hostile to Site/Application clients, for example, Content that advances, compromises or supporters prejudice, bias, disdain or physical or enthusiastic mischief of any sort against any gathering or person;

(b) includes the transmission of “garbage mail,” “junk letters” or spontaneous mass mailing or “spamming”;

(c) you know is bogus, deluding, advances criminal operations or is annoying, oppressive, compromising, revolting, slanderous or derogatory or welcomes any lead that is annoying, injurious, undermining, profane, abusive or offensive;

(d) advances or empowers unapproved duplicating of someone else’s copyrighted or other exclusive work, for example, giving PC projects or connections to them, giving data to evade fabricate introduced duplicate ensured gadgets, or giving music or connections to music documents;

(e) contains limited or secret word just access pages, or shrouded pages or pictures (those not connected to or from another available page);

(f) misuses anybody in a sexual or fierce way;

(g) requests individual data from anybody younger than 18 or from some other individual, with the exception of the allowed purposes set out in Segment 6;

(h) gives instructional data about illicit or conceivably hurtful exercises, for example, making or purchasing unlawful weapons, disregarding somebody’s protection, or giving or making PC infections;

(I) requests passwords or individual distinguishing data for business or in any case unapproved or unlawful purposes from different clients;

(j) urges or demands others to participate in business exercises as well as buy or deals, including barters, challenges, sweepstakes, bargain, publicizing, advancements, fraudulent business models or comparable exercises; or

(k) in any case is unseemly for the Site/Application, in Flip2Link sole and outright judgment.

8.5 Posting of Personal Information: Flip2Link is not responsible for the use or misuse of any personal information that you disclose on the Website/App. It is possible that other users (including unauthorized users, or “hackers”) may post or transmit materials on the Website/App and that you may be involuntarily exposed to such offensive and obscene materials. It also is possible for others to obtain personal information about you due to your use of the Service, and that the recipient may use such information to harass or injure you. We are not responsible for the use of any personal information that you disclose on the Website/App or in connection with the Services. Please carefully select the type of information that you post on the Website/App or release to others.

Interaction with other users. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users of the Website/App. Flip2Link does not guarantee success in establishing any contact during your membership term, nor is Flip2Link liable if no contact is established during your membership term.

Copyright Strategy. You may not post, circulate, or duplicate in any capacity any copyrighted material, brand names, administration marks, trademarks, or other restrictive or classified data without getting the earlier composed assent of the proprietor of these rights. In the event that you accept that your work has been replicated and posted on the Site/Application or abused regarding the utilization of any of the Administrations by another client, if it’s not too much trouble send the accompanying data to support@flip2link.com under the heading “Infringement of Restrictive Rights”: electronic or physical mark of the individual approved to follow up for the proprietor of the copyright intrigue; a depiction of the copyrighted work that you guarantee has been encroached; a portrayal of where the material that you guarantee is encroaching is situated on the Site/Application; your location, phone number, and email address; a composed proclamation by you that you have a decent confidence conviction that the contested use isn’t approved by the copyright proprietor, its specialist, or the law; an announcement by you, made under punishment of prevarication, that the above data in your notification is precise and that you are the copyright proprietor or approved to follow up for the copyright proprietor’s sake.

Security. Utilization of the Site/Application and the Administrations are dependent upon the flip2link. Protection Strategy, which is a piece of and joined by reference into this Understanding.

Disclaimers; No Warranties.

12.1 Flip2link is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any network connections or telephone lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of e-mail or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at the Website/App, including injury or damage to you or to any other person’s computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials in connection with the Website/App or the Services. None of the foregoing shall be deemed to be interruptions of Services for purposes of Section 4.2 above.

12.2 Flip2link is not responsible and assumes no liability for

(a) any inaccurate or incomplete information of any Content posted on the Website/App or communicated in connection with any of the Services or any Content that is listed in Section 8.4 or that otherwise violates these Terms or applicable laws or regulations, whether this Content is provided by users of the Website/App or Services or any third parties or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized as part of the Services;

(b) the conduct, whether online or offline, of any user of the Website/App or any of the Services;

(c) any blunder, exclusion, interference, erasure, deformity, delay in activity or transmission, correspondences line disappointment, robbery or annihilation or unapproved admittance to, or modification of, your or some other client’s interchanges;

(d) any infringement of these terms or material laws or guidelines by any client;

(e) any physical or passionate mischief or demise because of, or regarding, any contact with different clients, including without constraint because of any sickness contracted from different clients, or any physical or enthusiastic brutality harrowed by any client in any contact with you or during any relationship;

(f) the absence of a particular outcomes from utilization of the Site/Application or potentially the Administrations;

(g) any unlawful access of your record by outsiders; or

(h) any inability to meet some other client or absence of progress because of utilizing the Site/Application or the Administrations.

12.3 THE Site/Application AND THE Administrations ARE Given “With no guarantees.” OTHER THAN AS Explicitly Accommodated In this, Flip2link MAKES NO Portrayals OR Guarantees. ANY Inferred Guarantees OF MERCHANTABILITY, Qualification FOR A Specific Reason OR NON-Encroachment ARE Explicitly Repudiated AND Barred.

Impediment on Obligation. You accept full accountability and hazard for your utilization of the Site/Application and the Administrations. By no means WILL Flip2link Or then again ANY OF ITS Partners BE Answerable FOR ANY Misfortune OR Harms, INCLUDING Individual INJURY OR Passing, Endured BY YOU OR ANY Outsider Regarding YOUR Utilization OF THE Site/Application OR ANY OF THE Administrations, Because OF ANY Substance POSTED ON THE Site/Application OR Sent Regarding THE Administrations OR In any case BY OR For the benefit of Clients, OR Regarding ANY Communications BETWEEN Clients OF THE Site/Application, Regardless of whether On the web OR Disconnected. NEITHER Flip2link NOR ANY OF ITS Offshoots ARE Subject TO YOU OR ANY Outsider FOR ANY Aberrant, Important, Praiseworthy, Coincidental, Extraordinary OR Corrective Harms Emerging FROM YOUR Utilization OF THE Site/Application OR THE Administrations, regardless of whether Flip2link HAS BEEN Informed With respect to THE Chance OF SUCH Harms. In the event that THE Prior Constraint OF Obligation IS Disallowed OR Restricted UNDER Appropriate LAW, Flip2link Risk IS Restricted Furthest degree Permitted BY Relevant LAW. Flip2link Risk TO YOU FOR ANY Reason At all, AND Paying little mind to THE Type OF THE Activity, WILL Consistently BE Restricted TO THE Measure OF THE Charges PAID, Assuming ANY, BY YOU TO Flip2link FOR THE Administrations Bought BY YOU DURING THE TERM OF YOUR Participation.

Reimbursement. You therefore consent to reimburse and hold innocuous Flip2link also, without constraint, its chiefs, officials, workers, specialists and subcontractors from and against all harms, commitments, expenses or costs emerging out of or regarding any cases brought against Flip2link because of your utilization of the Site/Application or the Administrations or your infringement of any rights, including protected innovation privileges of Flip2link or then again others, or any infringement of these Terms.

Governing Law; Disputes.

1 This Understanding, the Administrations and your utilization of the Site/Application will be represented in all regards by the laws of Luxembourg regardless of its contention of law arrangements.

15.2 You consent to the elite individual ward and setting of the state and government courts situated in Luxembourg for all questions emerging out of or regarding this Understanding or your utilization of the Site/Application as well as the Administrations.

Takes note. Interchanges from Flip2Link to you with respect to the Site/Application and the Administrations are given through presentation covers upon “login” or by means of email to the location imparted by you as per the arrangements of these Terms. Interchanges from you to Flip2Link will be sent by means of letter or if unequivocally put forward in this through email to the email tends to expressly present thus or on the Site/Application for the reason for which such notification is sent.

Sponsors and Connections. The Site/Application may contain connections to outsider sites/Applications, endorsers or promoters. These connections are incorporated as an accommodation and don’t suggest any sponsorship, underwriting or obligation by Flip2Link for, or any affiliation or relationship of Flip2Link with, these endorsers, publicists or outsider sites/Applications or their administrators. The outsider sites/Applications, endorsers or promoters are free of and not constrained by Flip2Link, and Flip2Link isn’t liable for the substance of any promotions or sites/Applications, administrations or merchandise of any outsiders, endorsers or publicists.

No Expert Counsel. Any data or guidance that might be posted on the Site/Application or imparted regarding the Administrations is for educational and amusement purposes just and is definitely not a substitute for the expert judgment of an authorized emotional well-being specialist or other expert. Flip2Link, the Site/Application and the Administrations don’t give mental counsel or clinical or analytic administrations. Flip2Link makes no portrayals or guarantees and explicitly disavows all risk concerning any treatment, activity by, or impact on any individual after the data offered or gave inside or through the Site/Application or the Administrations.

Other. This Understanding contains the whole understanding among you and Flip2Link as to utilization of the Site/Application and the Administrations. On the off chance that any arrangement of this Understanding is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of skilled ward, such arrangement will be supplanted with a legitimate and enforceable arrangement which most intently mirrors the plan and deal set out in these Terms, and the rest of this Understanding will proceed in full power and impact.

Changes. These Terms are liable to change by Flip2Link whenever by posting such changes on the Site/Application. Flip2Link will not be needed to unequivocally call attention to any such changes to you and such changes will become taking effect right now after such posting. You have the choice to question the altered Terms inside a time of ten days from the date of posting where case this Understanding will end, your admittance to the Site/Application and the Administrations will stop, and you will be qualified for a supportive of rata discount of any credit balance at that point staying for you. If it’s not too much trouble reach us with any inquiries in regards to this Understanding.

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