We are going to take a wild guess here and say “you are looking for that perfect someone”. Close? We hope so because it’s our dream at Flip2Link to bring happy couples together from all over the country. How do we do that? Well, pretty simple really, we got rid of all the nitty-gritty that would hinder you from finding that perfect match! With us you get unlimited swipes, profile likes, searches up to 400km away, see who already likes you, rewind when you made a mistake, and make voice or video calls to your match before you go on that nerve-wracking first date.

So what’s the catch? We guess there isn’t one really. We are a company, and we do have to make some return on our project, so we will limit you to 3 matches a day on our free account. But, if you really feel like that’s not enough, our VIP plan lets you match your heart’s content.

So what are you doing still reading this? Everyone else is already matching, get to it, make your profile, find your true love, and when you’re happily married with 6 beautiful kids, don’t worry, there’s no need to thank us, it’s our pleasure.

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